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  • Does the mere thought of bookkeeping and accounting give you anxiety?
  • Do you spend lots of time and energy trying to balance your books and your business?
  • Are you in an industry where bookkeeping is more difficult and cumbersome?

If you have trouble keeping up with their expenses, revenue, and transactions, while at the same time, running a successful business. You’re not alone!

Accounting probably isn’t your primary expertise and it certainly doesn’t have to be your job! Besides saving you time and energy, there are benefits to outsourcing accounting services you may not of thought of before. Learn why outsourcing might be right for you by clicking below.

Management Accounting & Bookkeeping

Outsourced Accounting

We offer a wide range of accounting services covering many industries. We can manage all your accounting needs, from setup, review, and maintenance to payroll, banking, and more.

Financial Controllers

Construction companies have a lot of financial moving parts. To keep everything running smoothly, it's important to have a strong financial management and reporting system in place. This includes monthly accounting and tracking of variances, forecasting, and planning. This is where your Financial Controller comes in. 

Accounting Software

We provide accounting software support & training to help you maximize the efficiency of your business. Our Sage Intacct customer support approach ensures your success with high-quality support and rapid problem resolution.

WHO We Are

Devine helps clients work smarter when managing and tracking finances

Jennifer Devine, a Certified Public Accountant with over 15 years of experience in the business, founded Devine Consulting, LLC in 2011. She purchased the software company Accounting & Technology Solutions from the previous owner and merged it with Devine Consulting. This created the perfect combination of invaluable accounting software and the expertise of a seasoned accountant.

Devine Consulting offers bookkeeping and accounting services and Financial Controller Services to business owners and high-level decision-makers. We help clients select, install, set up, and use the most suitable accounting software. Our mission is to help business owners work smarter and not harder when managing and tracking finances.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Support


Financial Systems

Accounting Software

Reporting and Analysis

End-of-Year Accounting




Bill Pay

Industries We Serve

The accounting specialists at Devine Consulting are equipped to serve businesses of all types.  However, we have specialized experience in a select group of industries.


From budgeting, invoicing, and tracking expenses, a contractor's time is valuable. We can take that burden away from with our outsourced bookkeeping so you can get your weekends back and grow your business.

Property Managers

Our years of experience working with companies that manage multiple properties has helped property managers see and analyze their revenue quickly and accurately. Improve your monthly rent revenue and see a difference.

Transparent and access to a top accounting team

There's a common stereotype that accountants are boring, number-crunching introverts that sit behind a calculator all day. At Devine Consulting, we're not your typical accountants.

In our logo, we included our mascot, the pink flamingo whom we call FRANK.

FRANK stands for Fun, Reliable, Accessible, Nurturing, and Knowledgeable.

These are our core values, and we work very hard to achieve them. Your bookkeeping will be performed reliably by a knowledgeable team that provides transparent and accessible reporting through nurturing and experience.

In addition to our fun approach to accounting, our company has a unique culture and is comprised of team members with tons of personality. We love what we do!

This helps you feel comfortable with us as you share your financial goals and how to see growth. When we join forces, we become part of your team, not just your accountant.

With a background in development and construction, we are especially experienced in working with industries with more complex reporting, such as property management, construction, and contracting.

We also provide accounting and bookkeeping services, as well as Financial Controller services to a diverse set of customers, whether you're a one-man operation, a startup company, or an established business that lacks an in-house accounting department.

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